Contemporary music fundi Coenie de Villiers and Afrikaans’ own Hip Hop star Simon Witbooi aka HemelBesem on one stage? But they are worlds apart! This might be some people’s reaction to the collaboration of these two well-known artists for their brand new show – “Oor een stem” (Literally “Over one voice”, a play on the Afrikaans word “ooreenstem” (“agree”).
The production includes Afrikaans poetry, dancing and singing.
Coenie and Hemelbesem have however often collaborated in the past and have huge respect for one another’s talent and art. “Oor een stem” promised to take the audience on a journey of their (not so different) lives, loves and passions. Rapper Claudia Witbooi aka YOMA will also join them on stage.

Oor Een Stem Web Image

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