Date: 22 October, Time: 2.00pm

Date : 29 October, Time: 12.00am

Ticket price: R100 Adults and R70 Children 10 years old and younger


Tickets sold at Roodepoort Theatre Box office.


One of the things that can charm any heart is to watch a creative work that can make the cupids begin to fly in the right direction. The Sleeping Beauty Ballet performance performed by the students of the Russian School of Ballet entrenches a rich storyline that has held audiences spellbound for many generations. This performance, which has its roots in late 19th century Russia, is full of awe, sublime moves, and a well-choreographed displays.

This performance by the Russian School of Ballet as its annual event to show case its students appeals to those who are young at heart or anyone that wants to enjoy classical entertainment.

The premise of the dance is built on the Russian interpretation of this unique story. Sleeping Beauty has been tweaked and presented in a fresh light without losing touch with its historical antecedents. It is a contemporary story about Princess Aurora who was woken to a new reality by her Prince Charming.

Despite the huge commercial success that this story has enjoyed, the Russian School of Ballet brings a unique light to this ever-enthralling piece. The various dance moves will create laughter, sadness, excitement and fun for everyone that is in attendance.

The moral and the ethical perspective of the story make it an all-time favourite for the savy individual. Love remains a powerful force that can melt the hardest hearts and birth new beginnings for anyone. The ballet captures all the professional components that you can find in a good production. The systematic progression, the cast, and the costume are intertwined to give very rich impressions.

Come and enjoy this unique presentation. End of year Concert hosted by Russian School of Ballet.
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