On April 1st, 2023, Dance Inc. Randfontein, in collaboration with Battu Brise, brings and enchanting new ballet to the stage. Watch your favourite classical fairy tales be brought to life by the talented cast of Once Upon a Time, with dancers of all ages, the youngest being only 2 years old.

Once Upon a Time breaks away from the classical dance-only style of ballet production and presents the audience an opportunity to follow along with the story line by means of a storyteller, setting the mood for each scene, creating a sense of nostalgia to a time when they were little, hearing their favourite stories being told at bedtime.

This really is a ballet for the whole family to enjoy. With loads of excitement, adventure and a laugh or two, this fun new ballet is sure to leave a lasting impression on all its spectators.

Dance Inc Randfontein invites the parents and public to come and support the shoe on the 1st of April 2023.

Show times:

Ticket pricing:
R120 per adult, R100 students/pensioners

About Dance Inc. Randfontein
Dance Inc Randfontein was started in 2021 and is the first franchise studio of Dance Inc. The studio focuses on making ballet accessible to everyone and offers not only the opportunity to perform on stage, but they also follow internationally accredited syllabi such as American Academy of Ballet as well as the Royal Academy of Ballet, allowing children to excel in their ballet education through federated examinations.

If you would like to join our ballet studio, feel free to contact Ilse on 082 88 88 113 or email
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