Dinner For One (also known as The 90th Birthday), which is already a New Year’s tradition on TV, gained cult movie status in Germany after it was filmed in Hamburg in 1963. This extremely funny comedy takes place in a centuries-old British mansion, where the last remaining member of the family, Miss Sophie, celebrates her 90th birthday. The whole sketch takes place in the dining room, with Miss Sophie at the head of the table, and places are set for her ‘guests’ – who are all already dead. The butler, James, has to serve the guests a four-course meal – and there is a drink for each course! Since none of the guests except Miss Sophie are there in flesh and blood, Miss Sophie insists that James play each guest’s role and therefore drink all their drinks on their behalf’. “Same procedure as every year, James.” As he struggles to help Miss Sophie celebrate her 90th birthday by acting out the parts of her dear departed drinking friends at the annual dinner party, the ensuing mishaps provide unpredictably funny results.

And as a bonus there is also Sopper vir Een – the South African spoof!