Jozi Youth Dance Company presents, Giselle, a ballet in two acts.

The Story:

Act I
In a village lives a beautiful peasant girl named Giselle, On an autumn day Duke Albrecht goes hunting and sees the beautiful Giselle alone in her village and falls in love at first sight, despite being engaged to Bathilde, daughter of another duke. Albrecht disguises himself as a villager called “Loys” to date Giselle, who does not know his true identity. Hilarion, a local gamekeeper, also fell in love with Giselle and distrusts Loys, who ruled the young peasant girl’s affections.

Giselle and Albrecht dance together, increasingly attracted, and are followed by the entire village. Soon Giselle’s mother reprimands her, very scared, her daughter’s health is fragile and she could end up becoming a willi, one of the virgin spirits that roam the forest after midnight.

It’s time to celebrate the grape harvest and the noble travellers arrive at the village and, while the residents entertain them, Giselle makes friends with Bathilde, Albrecht’s fiancĂ©e, neither of them knows that they love the same man. The grape harvest party begins and the girls elect Giselle queen of the party.
Hilarion, furious with Giselle and Albrecht’s flirtation, discovers Albrecht’s true identity and unmasks him, Giselle, due to her already poor health, ends up going into a state of complete madness without knowing what is real or not and ends up taking her own life and dying in the arms of his beloved Albrecht.

Act |l
It’s midnight, and Hilarion pays his last respects to his beloved, Hilarion not believing the story of the Willis, intending to spend the night at Giselle’s tomb until he comes across the queen of the Willis Myrtha, a troubled soul who wanders the night dancing and
haunting the forest at night to take revenge on any man they find, forcing their victims to dance until they die of exhaustion. Hilarion manages to escape.
The Willis summon Giselle from her grave to join them.

Albrecht goes to visit Giselle’s grave and is greeted by Giselle’s spirit. He begs her for forgiveness. Still in love with Albrecht, Giselle forgives him before joining the other Wilis.
Meanwhile, the Willis found Hilarion and forced him to dance to his death. Then, shortly after Hilarion’s death, the Wilis find Albrecht and condemn him to the same fate. Giselle begs Myrtha to let him live, but Myrtha coldly refuses and orders him to dance until the sun rises. However, Giselle’s love overcomes the hated Wilis and Albrecht’s life is spared.
When Giselle is separated from Albrecht, she returns to the tomb to rest in peace.