Verna Vels’ beloved Liewe Heksie, who by the way has a birthday on April 42 (yes, 42!), creeps deep into children’s hearts generation after generation. She sometimes struggles with long words, but luckily Blommie the Gnome and her beloved Mattewis the cat are always close by to help. Liewe Heksie and her goblin friends will visit the Roodepoort Theatre on Wednesday, July 5 to entertain our younger (and older!) audiences. Before intermission, Liewe Heksie en Botterblom are performed. Botterblom is Blommeland’s cow that provides milk for all of Blommeland, but she is very angry. Karring, Blommeland’s milk gnome, does not allow anyone to visit her, and Botterblom becomes very lonely. After the break it’s time for Liewe Heksie en die Tuindwergie, where we meet Casper the garden gnome. When Casper wakes up in Liewe Heksie’s garden one morning, there is drama from start to finish. Because who is it behind that tree? Could it be a naughty Gifappeltjie?