Dancexchange is proud to present their latest showcase “Masquerade”

Human beings are born to dance! The urge to dance – and watch others dance – is deeply rooted IN YOU TOO! Please join us on an amazing, FUN-FILLED and colourful rollercoaster that promises to MASK all your senses, will grab you by the hair and tow you along through the ages.

Every purposefully MASKED theme will be highlighted by an incredible variety of costumes and COLOURS, and will reflect the flavours and aromas of life deeply lived. The intentional rhythms of each sequence designed will convey a colourful aura of energy and – just for tonight – you will be submerged in a profound and colourfully masked make-believe world!!

Dancexchange competes yearly in competitions such as Dance World Cup, Roodepoort Festival, World Lyrical Dance Federation and Gauteng Dance Festival.
All of which have our dancers placed in the Top 5. Many of our dancers go on to dance professionally both locally and internationally.

Previous productions staged by Dancexchange include So You Think You can DanceXchange, Colour My World, Evolution, Mystique, Rhythm of The Soul to mention a few.

You can connect with us via Instagram