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The hilarious Lefra farce My Oom se Vrou se Plekkie, directed by Frans Swart, plays at the Roodepoort Theatre on 2 & 3 July. Cobus and Estelle Venter translated and adapted the text into Afrikaans. Bookings can be made online at, and groups of more than 10, get a nice discount as usual. Call Monica on (011) 815 3000 or visit for more information. All Covid-19 protocols are strictly adhered to and visitors are reminded to bring their masks. My Oom se Vrou se Plekkie is presented with the proud support of RSG, Sounds Good, Hollywood Costumes, Van Loveren Wines, Renegades Removals, Ambassador Execudrive and Savvy Holdings.

My Oom se Vrou se Plekkie takes place in the very elegant Melville-penthouse of Philip and Jeanette Martins. The apartment has just been refurbished and was largely empty. Philip is a very honourable children’s book publisher, and shares an office with his partner Henry Loots on the ground floor of the same building. Philip agrees, against his better judgement, that Henry can use the apartment for one night to “entertain” his newest girlfriend. At the same time, Jeanette is persuaded by Linda, Henry’s wife, to let her use the same apartment so she can treat her latest lover. But what no one knows is that the interior decorator, who has been working on the apartment for the past three months, has decided to show the au pair, Sylvie, the new, round bed. And yes, it all happens on the same night!

Director Frans Swart says that My Oom se Vrou se Plekkie is probably one of the “craziest” farces that Lefra has ever tackled. “Our whole team really had to have our wits about us, because doors slam shut, people hide in rooms, misunderstandings are at the order of the day and as is business as usual for a farce, people will definitely be able to have a good laugh for two hours,” says Swart. “People no longer want to worry when they go to the theatre. They want to relax and that’s exactly why our farces are so popular. For two hours, you see there are other people who have more trouble than you. And the good news is that you can still laugh at these guys!”

My Oom se Vrou se Plekkie boasts some of the country’s most talented actors: Etienne du Plessis, Johan Joubert, Marissa Claasen, Ana van Achterbergh, Botha Enslin, Janè Swanepoel, Francois van Rensburg, Juanita Mardon and of course the veteran actress, Elma Potgieter. Elma has been an actress for forty-seven years. “I had to make the sum: 2020 minus 1973 when I started playing at Capab. Can you believe it!” says Elma. Learning words and reading always came natural to Elma. “I started reading at four – a newspaper cigarette ad!” Elma was sent to school at the age of five, and completed her school career at the Helpmekaar Girls’ High School in Johannesburg. There she focused on learning, reading, acting and singing. After school she received her university education at the University of Pretoria, and passed with Afrikaans / Dutch, English, French, German, Psychology and Art History. She studied drama and singing after hours.

She first went to work as a newspaper journalist, where she started writing and soon met the love of her life, the actor and director Schalk Jacobsz. As “Die Bywoners” they performed various productions including Hallo & Koebaai! by Athol Fugard, which was translated into Afrikaans by Schalk, Die Wildsboudjie, with amongst others Cobus Rossouw and Ernst Eloff in the cast, and also Moervrug in which she plays six characters – three men and three women. In 1979 she presented the children’s program Wielie Walie and in 1980 Kraaines for a bit. Elma also had starring roles in various films including Dr. Marius Hugo, Sonja and Eensame Vlug during which she worked for Jan Scholtz. When he called her for the TV series Iemand om lief te hê, he said: “You play crazy roles very well. The woman in this series is crazy. You have to play her for me”!

“Well, what’s crazier than taking on a big role within two weeks?” laughs Elma. “And that’s where Frans Swart from Lefra comes into the picture – he asked me to take over a role in his 2017 farce Daa ‘Gaat die Bruid after Marga van Rooy became ill. I also took over a role in Mis by Reza de Wet for André Stolz Productions. In 2018 I played in another farce, My Oom se Vrou se Skelmpie, also for Frans from Lefra. And here I am again in my third farce for Lefra – My Oom se Vrou se Plekkie in the wonderful role of Doretha Marié van der Spuy, author of the Woefter children’s book series!”

Etienne du Plessis plays the role of Phillip Martins in My Oom se Vrou se Plekkie. Etienne studied at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) and besides being a freelance actor, Etienne is also a musician and describes himself on social media as a philosopher. He played the role of The Big Bopper in the musical Buddy – The Buddy Holly Story in 2018, and will be seen next year as Detective Sergeant Portherhouse in the new Lefra farce, My Vrou se Man se Vrou. Marissa Claasen is a 29-year-old actress and musician. She earned her B-tech Degree in Drama at TUT in 2013, where she played various comic and serious roles in university productions. The role of Eliza Doolittle in George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion was a highlight for her. Marissa was recently seen as Nina van Rooyen in the stage production of Fiela se Kind for Lefra and since then she has worked on several television productions behind the scenes. Marissa will also join Etienne in My Vrou se Man se Vrou next year.

Another alumnus of TUT is the talented Botha Enslin. He obtained his drama qualification in 2003 and has been mainly involved in children’s theatre for the past few years, with almost 30 of them under his belt. “Children’s theatre teaches a child to be a child again in this time of high technology,” says Botha. “It makes a child dream and broadens his imaginary world”. Botha has been seen in Lefra’s Liewe Heksie since 2010 (and still is!), in which he plays a number of roles. He has also played various roles in Lefra’s farces since 2013. Ana van Achterbergh obtained her B-Tech Diploma in Drama and Film at TUT. Her love and passion for drama dates back to her childhood, where she participated in every art competition and Eisteddfod in primary and high school, became a cultural star and received awards as best orator and actor in her high school. When she was eleven years old, she won the drama section on the television program Star Search. Ana is of course also South Africa’s Liewe Heksie, and has been playing in the production since 2010. Ana was seen in 2014 as Mary in My Boetie se Sussie se Ou and in 2014 played the role of Katarina in My Boetie se Boetie se Boetie se Baba.

Johan Joubert is also a former TUT student, and obtained his B-Tech Degree in Drama. He has since done various children’s theatre productions, especially for Redhead Productions and educational theatre for PIT Productions. Television viewers will remember him for series such as KykNet’s Sterlopers and Phil 101. Johan was also seen in a Silver Screen Festival short film, Eenrigting and recently directed a Zulu / English educational production. Juanita Mardon from Pretoria obtained her Honours degree in Drama from the University of Pretoria, and is continuing her studies at the Drama Academy of Art San Francisco. This 27-year-old actress, who likes to sketch in her spare time, also wrote the text for the short film Sussie, which was screened during the 9th kykNet Silver Screen Festival. She was seen in 2017 in the stage productions Die Avonture van Dawie die Tuindwergie and Ligte! Kamera! Aksie!

Jané Swanepoel received ten years of coaching at a drama school, in which she won numerous prizes. In 2015 she received her BA Drama degree from the University of Pretoria, after which she received her BA Drama honours from the Open Window Institute. Janè is currently working on her master’s degree in film and drama at the University of Pretoria. Francois van Rensburg is a radio broadcaster, part-time singer, freelance actor and television presenter. Listeners of Pretoria’s GrootFM know him as the presenter of Die Lunch Punch on weekdays between 12:00 and 15:00. His Sunday program, Gister se Grotes, was named “Best Weekend Show” for 2019 at the Liberty Radio Awards. In 2020, the same program won a SA Radio Award for “Best Music Show”. Francois has played in numerous lefra farces: My Boetie se Sussie se Ou (2014), My Boetie se Boetie se Boetie se Baba (2015), My Man se Skelmpie se Skelmpie se Vrou (2018) and of course My Oom se Vrou se Plekkie.

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