Swaziland born songstress Nothando Hlophe brings her mellifluous sounds to the Roodeport Theatre on the 28th June, for her first time since her new album titled “Nothando Hlophe live at Soweto Theatre was released this April. This album encompasses a blend of traditional and contemporary gospel sounds.

Already the album has released hits in the songs “Yebo””and “Uyangilwela” together with the classics “khulula ugcobo” and “Impilo yami” which entrenched her in the hearts of gospel lovers with her performance of both Spirit of Praise volume 6 & 7, and Women in Praise.

Her melodious voice is paramount to why she came tops when she partook in nationwide auditions in her native country. In 2016, she successfully recorded her first album,”impilo yami”, which further entrenched her in the hearts of gospel music lovers across the region.

Working with an established team of musicians from all over the region to put together this 14 track album which is testimony of what God continues to do in the life of this upcoming musician. Soweto makes it a beautiful set for a project that brings together people from different backgrounds.

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