The talented pianist and singer/songwriter Niel ‘Berg returns to the Roodepoort Theatre for his latest production “RISE” featuring Abigail Walsh (violin) and Nicola Johannes (cello). Guests can expect to be thoroughly entertained by three exceptionally talented musicians performing a wide range of songs including evergreen hits by artists such as Queen, Sting, Coenie de Villiers, Amanda Strydom as well as Niel’s own sensual compositions that crowds have fallen in love with.

Over and above a magical evening of exquisite music, guests can also expect to be treated to Niel’s unique brand of comedy which includes crowd favourites such as “The News at 20:08” as well as Niel’s very own romantic novel (in the form of a musical) “Chris, Chris & Jan”.

Proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to two wonderful causes namely, The Maltese, French Poodle & Yorkie Rescue South Africa as well as a class of learners with special needs. These funds will go a very long way in supporting the basic needs of these children.

Please join us for a magical evening of music and comedy whilst also giving back to those in need of our help.

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