RUNNING RIOT by DEREK BENFIELD is a frantic farce about a henpecked greengrocer, Humphrey Podmore (Mark Worrell), who books himself into L’Auberge Blanche, a small hotel somewhere in France, to have some respite from his domineering wife, Agnes (Traci Scerri). Humphrey is mistaken for a champion British runner from whom big things are expected in the 5,000 metres at the Olympic Games. Felix (Hendrik Greyvenstein), the proprietor of the hotel, is honoured to host such a prestigious guest, but Nicolette (Anita Herbst), his daughter, is a little disappointed that Humprey’s physique doesn’t quite match what she was expecting. Miss Hacket (Oriela van der Walt) is a taskmaster of note and undertakes to whip the bewildered “athlete” into shape. As if Humphrey hasn’t got enough problems, he’s caught up in the world of espionage when he’s accosted by Bruchik (Neil Wilson), a sinister foreign spy masquerading as a fellow runner, and Pauline (Sylvia Nikolaoy), his alluring accomplice. Meanwhile, another guest, the suave Basil Trent (Graham Shirley), soon finds out that Humphrey isn’t who everyone thinks he is. He places an enormous sure-fire bet on his new-found friend only to be dismayed when the real athlete, Joe Smith (Will Neilson), turns up.

Will Humphrey escape the clutches of his nagging wife and the menacing Bruchik? Will Basil win the beautiful Nicolette but lose his shirt (and possibly his trousers)? What is the mysterious Pauline really up to? Will Felix’s hotel still be standing by the end of the play? Will the Olympic Games ever be the same? Find out by having a rip-roaring time with RLT Productions at the Roodepoort Basement Theatre in June 2023.

(This amateur production of “Running Riot” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd. www.concordtheatricals.co.uk)
For additional information about the show or RLT Productions, email RLTProductions1950@gmail.com or call/WhatsApp 060 508 8606