Roodepoort Dance Festival Prestige Performances

Date : Thursday 19 September (Main Theatre)
Time: 16h00 & 19h00
Price: R100

This festival has been running since 1981 and is held annually at Roodepoort Theatre.

The Roodepoort Dance Festival provides a public platform for dancers to exhibit the dance talents of amateur students in the City of Roodepoort.
Last year 15 dance studios entered in the festival with over 2 000 entries.

Roodepoort Dance festival committee proposes to :-
a) Further promote the Art of Dance in all forms within the City of Roodepoort, by creating a greater public awareness & appreciation of local talent.
b) Maintain and / or improve the standard of Dance within the City of Roodepoort.
c) Provide prizes and / or bursaries of relative value to further encourage and / or assist promising students to further their dance training with a view to becoming professional artists.

Dance forms include Ballet, Spanish, Modern, Tap and Hip Hop and cheerleading compete every year.

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