The South African Pole Dance Fitness Association is hosting its annual Pole Awards, Regionals & SA Nationals on the 19th of August 2018, where pole dancers across the country come and compete for their Regional and Nationals green & gold SA Colours.

Since 2010 Pole Dance Fitness has been accepted and recognised as a proper Dance Discipline in its own right on South African National Level under South African Arts & Culture and allowed to compete for South African Green & Gold National Federation Colours alongside all the other already established dance disciplines in South Africa.

Linda Kumm, founder of SAPDFA, through a lot of hard work,  effort, dedication and believe in her discipline, is singlehandedly responsible for this, and through this great achievement she took pole dancing in South Africa to the next level.

South Africa is currently the only country in the world which awards National Colours for Pole Dance Fitness!

SAPDFA has the exclusive right in hosting of the annual SA Pole Awards, Regional & S.A. Nationals.

Ticket price: R 250 per ticket

Time: 10:00

Contact Linda for entry forms:

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