Produced by a performing arts company in Westbury, Bliss Production House.

Co-produced by Purge Media


Written by Natalie Elias

Directed by Jason Hermanus

Performed by Bree, Jason and Etienne


Boeta 60, is the local funny and wise old man in the community who knows everything about everyone and speaks his mind about every issue, especially concerning and relevant issues in his community, making use of his upbeat and very sharp humour. The two characters who seek his help is Margaret 55, the local sugar Mamma who is into Ben 10s, she thinks she still has it but in actual fact she’s lost it. Then there is Ben 28, who got married for all the wrong reasons and feeling very depressed because he doesn’t know what hit him and how to get out of it. While he is trying to run away from his problems, Margaret feels she is his solution and this makes for a very funny chase. Boeta has his own issues to deal with but other people’s issues are his main focus and he is the one who brings everyone in line with his quick wit, he shows both the characters the right way in a simplistic yet very funny manner.


Date: Friday 16 November

Time: 7 pm

Venue: Basement Theatre

Price: R100

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