Hello, dear friends, and welcome to Sherwood forest! Where the Sheriffs are misunderstood and the merry, mighty men fight for what is right and true.

Robin Hood is the story of a legendary archer who steals from the rich and gives to the needy. Or that’s what everyone thinks. No one seems to think about the characters that fall victim to Robin’s escapades. No one has ever heard the Sheriff of Nottingham explain his side of events. ‘The Adventures of Robin Hood’ follows your favourite characters, including Robin, Little John, Friar Tuck and Maid Marian on a new quest as told through the eyes of the misunderstood Sheriff.

In the Sheriff’s story, Prince John has a few evil plots to unfold, including marrying the beautiful Maid Marian and taking control of the entire kingdom. Robin, however, cannot let this happen and gathers his merry men – and another unlikely hero – to save the day again. But this time it won’t be as simple as he thinks.

Get ready for archery competitions, schemes, trickery and fate-altering decisions made by none other than our fearless audience members.
The ideal age group for the Robin Hood show is between 5 and 13 years old. No age restriction however.

Afrikaans performances , 2 performances on Thursday 13 June and the 2 performances on Tuesday 18 June


Cast: Rowlen von Gericke, Danielle Retief, Wenzel Grobler, Deànré Reiners, Jay Wright-Lombard, Jesse Fourie, Tivan de Villiers.

Director: André Stolz

Technical Direction: Piérre Thomas Retief

Music: Jaco van der Merwe, Casper Labuschagne

Roodepoort Pole Posters

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