2021 has seen many of us on a road of recovery from an emotionally and mentally taxing 2020. Many people are still trying to transition back to being hopeful and have a positive outlook on life. The Art Revival (TAR) in partnership with the Roodepoort Theatre (RT) are determined to help the masses rebuild the hope and inspire them to push through the challenges via the arts. June 16 is Youth day, and we celebrate it yearly, however this year we want to be real and take a stance to help the youth that are suffering alone from all sorts of mental conditions. We want to communicate to the youth through the youth within TAR that they are not alone. We are here for them. If you are based in Roodepoort or the surrounding areas, please come and join us as we celebrate the youth, our future leaders with live music, dance, hip hop, and poetry. TAR and the RT work hard in developing local talent and put it well refined on stage, leaving no stone unturned in the preparation process. All the performances from the beginning of TAR up to this day have left many crowds pleasantly shocked and brought a lot of attention nationally even abroad. TAR will be hosting a Youth in the Basement show at the Roodepoort Basement Theatre on the 16th of June 2021 from 12:00, tickets are only R50 come lets us sing, shout, do the forbidden dance, waltz, and do the cha-cha-cha. Blessings from TAR together with the Roodepoort Theatre