The interactive contemporary dance performance “The Forest” for the children 5-10 years old.
A truly dynamic South African and Ukrainian collaboration – not to be missed!

Dance performance “The Forest” is inspired by Lesya Ukrainka’s book “Forest song” (ukr. “Лісова пісня») where Nature and the quest for a harmonious free life, lofty dreams, beauty and fidelity, the struggle with everyday life, grayness and banality play an important role.

Dance performance shows two worlds: the world of nature and its mythological creatures and the real world, with the figures of ordinary people. This art gives children (audience) a key for understanding what nature means in our lives, how to overcome difficulties, what love is and how to take care of each other. It also offers an opportunity to reflect about how our current actions affect what happens tomorrow

This is an unusual contemporary dance performance as the audience are not just a viewer but a participant as well. The space changes into a life dialogue, supported by digital technologies. The viewer will be able to watch the play in two dimensions: horizontal (of course) and as a video projection from the top.

The event will be held in compliance with Covid health & safety protocols.

The contemporary dance project “The Forest” is created to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Ukrainian poet Lesya Ukrainka, it is a collaboration between the Ukrainian Association of South Africa, the international choreographer Kateryna Aloshyna (Ukraine/South Africa) and receives the support of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of South Africa.

The project aims:
● to provide a cultural connection between Ukraine and South Africa, to bring generations together and develop young people irrespective of nationality, cultural identity, ability, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religion;
● to increase the interest of children of different ages for modern art;
● to inspire parents and educational institutions in using alternative methods of child development, thus increasing the emotional and cognitive functions of children in different age groups.

Project team:
Idea and choreography: Kateryna Aloshyna (Ukraine/South Africa)
Dancers: Melissa Schafer (Johannesburg), Fabrice Loyindula (Pretoria), Candice Schater (Johannesburg), Thenjiwe Soxokoshe (Johannesbutg)
Composer: Maksym Berezhnyuk (sopilka) and Dmytro Aleksienko (beatboxing)
Animation: Mykyta Budantsov and Kateryna Aloshyna

We created this space for you. We want you here.
26th of June at 10h00 | 11h30 | 13h00