Johannesburg Arts Conservatory and WGRUV Dance Company Vignettes Show

Have you ever entered a great dining experience where your taste buds exploded with all different flavors? Well Vignettes Dance production coming 15-16 November will introduce you to a similar experience with your eyes and ears!
WGRUV Dance Company in collaboration with Johannesburg Arts Conservatory students will ignite your imagination as they dance different classical styles of Contemporary, Ballet and Spanish in their production of Vignettes Reimagined! This performance not only highlights South African instrumentalists but also works by Carli Olivier and Compañia Sophia, Lex Gruver as well as international artists, Jessica Lang, Kanji Segawa, Dominic Walsh and More. Don’t miss this chance to see and taste dance artistry that motivates, inspires and leaves you wanting more.
Wonderful entertainment for the whole family!