Womb outside my Body

A Purge Media Production


Written and produced by Fatima Abdool

Performed by Fatima Abdool and Roystan Le Bon

Directed by Dalene Titus

This is a play of a mother and son, their love, their challenges and their special bond. She has dreams for him and his future. His journey of rejection, low self – esteem which ultimately culminates into drug abuse, crime and a vicious cycle of rehab, prison and the streets. The love bond between them is a combination of love and hate but mostly and always love conquers all. There are turning points in their lives and a tragedy changes their lives irrevocably. The mother struggles to deal with her emotions so she’s preparing to meet him for supper and she has prepared only his favorites, every day non- stop but he just never turns up until one day, she realizes why. She reminisces about his childhood, his challenges and their journey together. There are funny stories and sad stories but the expectancy and enthusiasm is there every step of he way. She cannot wait to see her son and tell him how much she loves him and catch up every bit of news. The climax of the play is when she is confronted with the truth about her son and why he does not turn up for dinner. She has to deal with it in a very dramatic way and her son actual assists her to do exactly that. This culminates into her having to forgive herself and other people who played a role in their lives. This is a play of hope, love and forgiveness but most of all a story based on different real people’s real stories including that of Fatima Abdool.

Basement Theatre

R100 pp

31 August


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