WOMB OUTSIDE MY BODY & MINA double bill (info)



Womb Outside My Body

The Journey of a mother and son, their love, their challenges and their special bond. They have a Love – Hate Relationship which is caused by the Mother who loves too much…even beyond death. There are turning points in their lives and a tragedy changes their lives irrevocably. He died a few months before but because she couldn’t attend his funeral as she was in hospital due to a light heart attack. When she returns home, she block out her son’s death. She reminisces about his childhood, his challenges and their journey together. There are funny stories and sad stories but the expectance and enthusiasm is there every step of the way. The climax of the play is when she is confronted with the truth about her son and why he does not turn up for dinner. She has to deal with it in a very dramatic way and her son’s spirit actually assists her to come to terms with his departure and this helps him to cross over.

Performed by Bridget Munnik & Jason Hermanus

Written & Produced by Fatima Abdool

Directed by Natalie Elias & Tremane Abdool

Duration: 45min



In celebration of Woman’s Month, Fatima Abdool portrays the journey of 3 females…Miena, the matriarch and main character, her daughter, Jasmin and her granddaughter, Baby.

Mina’s journey starts with her Father who deserts her and her Mom who resents her because she is a girl and not a boy as her husband wanted. Miena had to fend for herself as a child and she has grown into a tough woman. Her daughter Jasmin only wants to be loved but she has to endure a few challenges like abortion and abuse. The daughter of Jasmin, Baby also makes her appearance and she shares her short journey on earth and her expectations from her granny and Mom.

Although Mina has had a tough life, she is funny and she enjoys her life to the fullest, she teaches her daughter life lessons and good morals which she hopes will make her a stronger woman. During the play, an audience member will be chosen impromptu to play Jasmin.

Written, Produced  & Performed by Fatima Abdool

Directed by Tremane Abdool

Duration : 45 min



COST: R180 for both plays