Youth Gospel Explosion is a Purge Media Production with Fatima Abdool as the producer.

This event showcases local talented young people with a zest for words and music.


Artist background:

Faith Moropa – Upcoming Gospel artist and student at AFDA with an angelic voice who believes she is called by God into a life of purpose and she does it through praise and worship songs and poetry.

Tremane Abdool – A writing and directing student at AFDA with a flair for all art forms especially music and the dramatic arts, she usually mesmerises her audiences with her authentic rendition of Gospel Songs.

Theodore Esau aka TJ – Gospel rap artist from Jooda with a clear vision of his purpose on earth, he lives by the oxymoron “Higher Depth” striving to take people to higher grounds with the depth of his life.

Obed Mvuma aka oh – Poet and Rap artist from Jooda who is passionate about making use of the performing arts to transform lives and to equip people with Word.

Exclusive DFC Academy – A dance academy managed by youngster, Christopher Green in the Westbury and surrounding areas to keep young people creatively occupied and to equip them with dancing skills

Daniel Issle aka Seriously Daniel – A graduate from AFDA who has already released his first single, Fly with me, on I-Tunes and other digital platforms. This young man has a promising career ahead of him.

Craig Du Plessis – Rap & Spoken Word artist. Through words he hopes to pierce minds and to enlighten, to give hope to those feeling broken and bring a change in perception.

Justin Jacobs – Live Performance student at AFDA with a charismatic personality and has the ability to draw people to him with his warmth which can also be experienced when he sings his heart out on stage

Sydney Mofokeng aka Sid – Rap artist and multimedia designer from Jooda, he believes that the word of God sets you free indeed and he uses his talent help free people from spiritual bondage wherever he ministers.


This event promises to be fresh, authentic, creative and totally different from the usual.


The MC, Samuel Fisher, has a following of his own, he is funny, witty and very entertaining. Youth- Gospel Explosion promises to be entertaining to young and old equally.

Gospel Explosion Web poster

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