As part of the matric syllabus, of the subject of Dance Studies, the learners of the dance department receives 3 assignments called PAT’s – Practical Assessment Tasks. These 3 assignments along with their practical and theory exams during the year make up their year mark before the final exam.

The first assignment is Choreography. Each matriculant needs to choreograph their own group dance of 5 to 15 dancers, focusing on a specific theme of their choice, technique and choreographic structures. They have to plan and execute the production elements which includes, costumes, hair and make-up, lighting, backdrop, props and music. The grade 11 will joining the grade 12 with their choreography assignment of 2-3 dancers.

The second assignment is a Group dance. The class have to participate in a group dance of any genre choreographed by a teacher. They will be assessed on teamwork, commitment, technique and contribution to the success of the group dance. The grade 11s will also perform their group dance but purely for entertainment purposes, not to be marked.

The 3rd and last assessment, is the organisation of a production, where all the PAT’s will be assessed by examiners from the school and from the GDE. The matrix need to arrange everything, without the help of the teacher. They have to source a venue, fund raise or find sponsors, plan and design marketing, advertise, budget, DJ, print programme nota, and even sell tickets.

This production “A Moment in time” will be the end result of all their planning, time, stress and effort

Tickets are sold at  the school offices.

Dates: 14 May 2019

Ticket prices: R100 per ticket

Starting time: 18:00

Duration of the Show:  2 hours plus a 20 min interval

Age Restriction: none but children pay for seat

Venue: Roodepoort Main Theatre