The highly anticipated play “Climbing the Ladder” is set to premiere at the Roodepoort Basement Theatre on August 24, 2024, at 18:00. This powerful production delves into the dark realities of gender-based violence in the workplace and the courageous journey of one man’s quest for justice and integrity.

In “Climbing the Ladder,” we follow Joshua, a determined and ambitious young man striving to make his mark in the corporate world. Under the mentorship of Catherine, a formidable senior executive known for her ruthless leadership, Joshua faces relentless abuse. Initially, he dismisses her harsh treatment as part of the job’s demands. However, as the abuse intensifies, Joshua’s mental and emotional well-being begin to unravel.
Despite the challenges, Joshua remains committed to his career, believing that enduring Catherine’s mistreatment is the price of success. His perspective shifts dramatically when he uncovers the extent of Catherine’s manipulation and blackmail. As the truth comes to light, Catherine’s reign of terror is exposed, leading to her downfall. Joshua emerges as a hero, standing against gender-based violence and reclaiming his integrity and humanity.
Key Themes:
• The impact of workplace abuse and the importance of mental health
• The courage to speak out against gender-based violence
• The journey of personal integrity and justice
Props and Set Design:
The play’s setting features a realistic corporate environment, including essential props like an office table, chair, laptop, cellphone, presentation screen, and a partitioning board or door frame.
• Joshua: An ambitious, family-oriented young man in his 30s, with a background in music event organization and currently on his first internship contract in the corporate world.
• Catherine: A well-spoken and selfish divorcee in her 40s, running a successful law firm and known for her abusive leadership style.
• Detective: Joshua’s old friend, a strict and law-abiding citizen who has risen from security to a police detective through dedication.
Scene Highlights:
• Scene 1: The detective and Joshua walk into Catherine’s office, with the detective revealing shocking truths about her.
• Scene 2: Catherine arrives at the office, exuding excitement and authority.
• Scene 3: A tense confrontation between Catherine and Joshua after the detective’s departure.
Join us for an evening of compelling drama and thought-provoking storytelling.
“Climbing the Ladder” is not just a play; it is a call to action, urging audiences to speak out against abuse and stand up for justice and integrity.
Tickets and Additional Information:
Tickets are available for purchase at

For more information, please contact Donovan Mabe 071 856 4876.

The Roodepoort Theatre is renowned for its intimate setting and commitment to showcasing powerful and meaningful productions. Located in the heart of Roodepoort, the theatre provides an ideal venue for audiences to engage with impactful stories like “Climbing the Ladder.”
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