Face of the Year Competition

Figures Model Finesse International is a registered member of the IMTA and is the appointed official coordinator in South Africa for the IMTA conventions

Figures is one of the largest franchised modelling academics in South Africa. This means that the academics are constantly evaluated to ensure that high standards are maintained. The academies are based geographically nationwide in South Africa with Branches internationally.

At Figures, we pride ourselves on discovering, developing and nurturing raw talent. Whether it be for the cat walks of the modelling world, or the international entertainment arena, figures will prepare and promote your talents for inevitable stardom. With three decades of experience under our belt, we have successfully diversified our portfolio to meet the needs of this glamorous industry.


Division: Boys 2 to 12 years of age

Date: 24 February

Venue: Roodepoort Main Theatre


Figures modelling and talent agency face of the year competition is open to the public and entry is free. To register contact figures models head office at O11 943 1503 or