Want to spend a night out enjoying some of the greatest love songs ever composed? Look no further.
Four88 presents “Music from the Heart, an ode to the greatest love songs ever written”. With hits from timeless artists like Andrew Lloyd Webber, Bryan Adams, Roxette, Goo Goo Dolls, Elton John, Peter Gabriel and many more, audiences will experience a musical journey throughout time while enjoying some of the best love songs ever composed. The repertoire for that evening not only includes poignant renditions of well-known classics, but also several original works composed by the artists.
Niel ‘Berg (piano and vocals) will be joined on stage by his longtime collaborator and close friend, Natalie Bentley on cello. In addition to the exquisite harmonies produced by the piano and cello, Lucia, a classically trained soprano will captivate listeners with her sensual voice, whilst Karl Sandenbergh’s skills on guitar will leave the audience in absolute wonder.
Together, the quartet will deliver an unforgettable performance that will bring a smile, and possibly a tear, as they perform some of the greatest love songs ever written.
This is definitely a performance not to be missed.
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