Dates: 21st – 22nd August

Ticket prices: R120

Starting time: 6pm on the 21st

4pm Charity show on 22nd

7pm show on 22nd

Doors/gates Open at : 15 mins before shows start

Duration of the Show: 1h 30mins including interval

Dress code: smart casual

Age Restriction: none

Venue: Roodepoort Main Theatre

Please Note: Tickets for this show will be sold at the Ballet studio


Pandora was breathed into fire by the god Hephaestus ho enlisted the help of his divine companions to make her extraordinary.

From Aphrodite she received the capacity for deep emotion, Athena the gift of fine craftmanship and attention to detail, Hermes gave her the mastery of language and her name, finally Zeus bestowed 2 gifts on Pandora, the first was the trait of curiosity which settled on her spirit and sent her eagerly out into the world. The second was a heavy box, ornately carved and tightly secured, but the contents of the box were not for mortal eyes. She was not to open the box.

Over time pandora became obsessed with the box, one day she opened the vessel for all the forces of evil and suffering, and once released they were uncontainable. As she wept Pandora became aware of a sound echoing from within the box.

When she once again lifted the lid a warm beam of light rose out, her pain was eased, she set hope forth to offset the effects of the evil she had unleashed.